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Sydney Carlson, Owner of The Tinker Garage

Founded in the pandemic era of 2020, The Tinker Garage was born from a personal love for woodworking and the loving nickname, Tinker Bell – given to me by my grandfather. Growing up, our family didn’t have the means to just buy things that appealed to us that were unnecessary for the home. Whenever I saw something that I really wanted that we couldn’t afford, my grandfather would turn to me and say “Don’t worry Tinker Bell, we can make that together.” The name just fit. During the downtime that we all experienced in the height of the covid-19 pandemic, I put everything my grandfather taught me growing up to good use and turned my passion for creating into a blossoming new career.

A little bit about me, my husband and I live in a small town in Kentucky where we enjoy renovating our 1950's home and raising our Belgian Malinois puppy to be the stinkiest of girls you would ever meet.


Kind Words

We were so impressed by @thetinkergarage’s ability to bring this vision to life (+ quickly!) and the incredible detail + care she brought to this custom build. Thank you Sydney for sharing your talents!